Welcome to the Undefeated Ramat Hasharon Hammers

Ramat Hasharon, a city just north of Tel Aviv, Is host to the Israel Football League “Hammers”, the eighth team to be added to the league, now in their third season.

After two seasons of wandering from field to field, the Kraft Family League team found a home in Ramat Hasharon, where it has come under the auspices of the municipal sports department.

Having a single home field and home crowds has made a difference, as has the first two poor seasons, which caused all the players with lukewarm commitment to find other outlets, leaving a core of committed and serious players.

The 11-team league is now playing a “round-robin” season, where each team plays the others once, with five games at home and five away games.

Since the sport is new in Israel, with the IFL only being established in 2005, the teams play an 8-man variety, the same as is played in several midwestern states in the US. In addition, since there are no real football fields here, we play with improvised markings on soccer fields, for the most part. The Jerusalem teams (Jerusalem Lions, Kings and Rebels) have the luck to play on the only football gridiron in the country, Kraft Stadium.

For more about the IFL, go to: http://israel-football.co.il/

For more about the Hammers, see our web site: http://hammersfootball.com/Index.html

It’s a work in progress, just like the lkeague itself, so please be patient.